Thursday, July 8, 2010

50 Questions LeBron Should Answer But Won't

So with "The Decision" looming like an asteroid ready to strike the earth, LeBron James tweeted this morning that he wanted fans to tweet him questions that he will answer tonight. This is what LeBron James said:

Good Morning! It's your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision to submit and I'll answer them tonight.

Of course, we're not going to see any difficult questions. This is just another layer to the PR stunt and farce this has become. With all signs pointing towards LeBron signing with Miami as of the moment, you can expect to see plenty of "interesting questions" from real people. Really lame questions like - How much do you want to win a championship? What's your favorite part of Miami? Do you still love Akron?

In truth, there are a lot of smart, clever people out there with questions that LeBron should answer. After a quick run through Twitter this morning, we've gathered up the 50 questions that LeBron needs to address tonight (with a lot of swearing FYI), but won't. As always, these are real Tweets from real people.

@KingJames #lebrondecision So is Jim Gray going to help you wipe the blood off the knife you stab in Ohio's back?

#lebrondecision Did you know Adam Morrison got more rings than you

SidDiamond “@KingJames: #lebrondecision - why are you such an asshole and exactly how fixed is the NBA?

@KingJames Are you leaving your kids in Cleveland like how Wade is leaving his in Chicago?#lebrondecision #badparenting

SwagSupermarket Why didn't you consider going to the MN Timberwolves? #lebrondecision

#lebrondecision what since of pride/accomplishment do u feel u can gain from leaving cleveland?

MikeAmmo @KingJames Will you change your name to @ServantJames if you go to Miami? #lebrondecision

WesleyOnline @KingJames How does holding a 1 hour television special announcing your decision not make you look like a complete douche? #lebrondecision

vincethepolack @KingJames Dear LeBron, Wondering if you'll use a condom when you fuck Cleveland tonight. Sources say we prefer ribbed. #LeBronDecisio

nAn0_LC @KingJames #lebrondecision r u prepared for ur role as court jester in miami??? Since Wade is already King there???

Was it your goal to lead every casual or non-NBA fan to want to root desperately for you to never win a title?#Lebrondecision

Pimpton23 @KingJames U promised that U were going 2 deliver a title(s) 2 CLE and U wouldn't stop until you did. Why did you lie to us? #lebrondecision

Why'd you confiscate video of you getting dunked on last year? RT @KingJames Ask me a question about my decision & I'll answer them tonight.

As King of Akron, are you worried about a mutiny tonight? RT @KingJames It's your chance to ask me a question about my #lebrondecision

Lega_c #LebronDecision How you feel about your moms getting knocked down by Delonte West?

#LebronDecision Why do you feel that you are the only free agent in history that deserves his own ESPN variety show to tell us the news

StayFresh365 #lebrondecision you know Moe Williams gonna commit suicide if you leave Cleveland right?

RT @kevinmccauley: @KingJames How do you feel about winning the gold medal at the 2010 Attention Whore Olympics? #lebrondecision

timmybennett RT @hartzerp: @KingJames if the moon were made of spare ribs would you eat it? I sure would#lebrondecision

#lebrondecision Have you and Brett Favre ever considered doing a sex tape during the offseason to help build ratings for ESPN?

@KingJames You talk about loyalty all the time and dedication. Why preach what you choose not to follow yourself? #lebrondecision

SpeakoftheDevs #lebrondecision If train A leaves Akron at 3 traveling 65mph & train B leaves Greenwich at 4 traveling 70mph, why are you a dick? @KingJames

keithp41 @kingjames How will you handle being as hated as Art Modell in your hometown if you leave the Cavs?#lebrondecision

whymelawd Is you entire family annoying and entitled or just you? #lebrondecision


Are u worried Kovalchuk signs tonight and upstages "The Decision"? RT @KingJames It's your chance to ask me a question about #lebrondecision

ReggieHayze @kingjames #lebrondecision Wendy's chicken nuggets or McDonald's nuggets

@KingJames, now that you've ruined my interest in prof. sports, what should I do with my spare time?#lebrondecision

thekidcanada Have you crossed over from regular villainy to cartoon super-villainy? #lebrondecision

@KingJames do u think u could reply all ur fans tweets? If yes you r really amazing!!! #lebrondecision

What happened to you? #lebrondecision RT @KingJames It's your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision to submit

meechone Go fuck yourself? RT @KingJames: It's your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision

HARRYMAYES975 @KingJames: Will the Cleveland Steamer dump on his "hometown" on live television tonight#lebrondecision??

GregVince @KingJames Do you believe the US should intervene if Iran develops a nuke? #lebrondecision

Should I stop at this stop sign or roll on thru#lebrondecision

alsephus #lebrondecision best whiteboy in the NBA right now?

echalom #lebrondecision @KingJames did you think about retiring to play minor league baseball?

CampusSocialite @KingJames Do you understand the cowardly aspect to joining the Heat? #Lebrondecision

tejen25 @KingJames Have you considered the WNBA?#lebrondecision #LAMonarchs

dumbstupidhead Was Miami decision motivated by desire to duck responsibility for playoff choke jobs? 3 max players, blame is spread, right? #lebrondecision

@KingJames #lebrondecision Xbox or Playstation?

are you afraid of what Drew Carey will do to you if you don't stay in clevand? #lebrondecision

#lebrondecision could you plug all star baseball voting for joey votto tonight please?

DHSpeedwagon Did you see all the fanfare for the Durant extension yesterday? No? Oh that's because he's not a self absorbed rich prick.#lebrondecision

TrishTheDish_TM @KingJames Do you feel that athletes are overly celebrated by fans and do you think some athletes take advantage of that? #lebrondecision

@KingJames #lebrondecision Look King Bron Kong, you need to handle this Empire the Knicks building. We got gallo chandler amare

Zonozi What would you do for a Klondike bar?? @KingJames#lebrondecision

BlackAcesBlog who the fuck are you again? i haven't been paying attention. #lebrondecision